Monday, 2 May 2016

Unlucky and at the same time Lucky

 Malcolm, my partner and I went to Morden Bog today for excercise so I did not take my camera with me and guess what, we saw a flock of Crossbills.   Now I say unlucky because I did not have my camera but lucky because Morden Bog is surrounded by Wareham Forest which is quite an extensive area of pine woodland, so to see a flock of Crossbills is a miracle.  So I count myself both unlucky and lucky at the same time.  We saw plenty of Lousewort along our route, the picture I have posted was taken at Kingcombe Meadows in 2010.  

I think I need to write a hundred lines, NEVER GO OUT WITHOUT YOUR CAMERA.


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Richard Pegler said...

I don't often go out into the countryside without my camera, Lin, but when I do I usually regret it! I guess that you'll be going back there soon to try and recapture the moment!

Wishing you the very best of luck - - - - Richard