Tuesday, 31 May 2016


 We went to Tyneham yesterday, Bank Holiday Monday.   The gorse, we noticed this Spring is not flowering like previous years, the winter seem to have caused them to go brown, the new green shoots are growing but not a lot of flowers which is completely different from last year, the gorse was ablaze with yellow flowers and it was stunning.   We were hoping to find the Green Hairstreak butterfly like we did last year on the gorse but found none which is probably not surprising, also the area is MOD and they manage the area around Tyneham and some of the gorse has been trimmed back along the path. 

 Adonis Blue butterfly, a few of these were flying around

A close up front view of the Adonis, cute

 Side view, this butterfly was quite happy on my finger



Roy Norris said...

Wonderful Adonis images Lyn and the Thrift and scenes are lovely.

Richard Pegler said...

Still never seen an Adonis Blue, Lin. Your super images make me even more determined to try and find one sometime soon.

That countryside at Tynham looks fabulous. I now need to go and look it up in the road atlas!

Best wishes - - - Richard

Linda Yarrow said...

Thankyou Roy and Richard.