Thursday, 3 November 2016

Mudeford and the New Forest

We had a trip to Mudeford and the New Forest today.  The autumn colours are brilliant this year,  last year I don't think there was a lot of autumn colours because we had such awful wet and windy weather.  The golden colour of the Beach trees in the New Forest are looking fantastic.  There was plenty of fungus about which I will put in my next post.

Are you noticing the standard of driving on our roads today has deteriorated? or is it us?  The traffic on the road seems to have increased and the standard of driving is bad, people seem to be careless and appear to be always in a hurry, driving on some of our country roads that are narrow is quite hair raising and what concerns me is that these narrow country roads have sharp bends and there are often horse riders, dog walkers and cyclists on these roads, we are careful but an awful lot of drivers are not but are pig ignorant.  A van driver today was speeding along the narrow road through the New Forest, some elderly people on the side of the road indicated to him to slow down, he stopped, got out of his van and shouted at these poor elderly people not to tell him to slow down.  This road was very narrow and a lot of people walk in this area of the New Forest and there are the New Forest ponies roaming around freely, but this van driver did not like being told to slow down. 
House Sparrow (Mudeford)

 Starlings (Mudeford)

Pied Wagtail (Mudeford)

Wigeon (Mudeford)

A selection of pictures taken in the New Forest