Saturday, 20 August 2016

Meadows at Edmondsham

 Continuing on my theme of amazing meadows here in the South, there is one that we have been visiting each year for over twenty years, the meadow at Edmondsham which runs alongside of the woodland where we see the bluebells in the spring.   The meadow can vary depending on the weather, if the summer is a wet one, the grass is very dominant, the wildflowers prefer a nice dry summer as we all do.  These pictures I have taken over the years, I have put them order in which the wildflowers appear as the spring and summer progresses.

Common Spotted Orchids

Wild Carrot

The changing colour of this meadow, the first is the wildflower Betony making the meadow pink, the second is the Devil's-bit Scabious which appears after the Betony has finished and gone to seed, the meadow goes from pink to blue as you can see from these two pictures.

There is another field in Edmondsham which we walk through on our way back to the car, this field in early spring has dandelions which are increasing each year, then later the buttercups take over.  What I have noticed this year for the first time is a Common Spotted orchid, I hope this field will over time become more naturalised into a wildflower meadow.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Amazing Meadows

 We have some amazing meadows here in the South, I have to say South as some are in Wiltshire, Martin Down nature reserve, the others are in Dorset.  I have to put this in two parts as I have so many pictures of these meadows and taken at different times of the year, early spring, mid summer and late summer.  

Knapweed with Wild Carrot (Martin Down)

 Knapweek with Field Scabious and Devil's-bit Scabious (Martin Down)

Oxeye Daisy with Sainfoin (Durlston Country Park)

Wild Carrot (Durlston Country Park)

Oxeye Daisy with Hawksbit (Durlston Country Park)

Hawksbit with Linseed (Durlston Country Park)

Common Spotted Orchid with Buttercup (Durlston Country Park)

Cowslip (Durlston Country Park)

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Along the Trailway to Powerstock Village

We walked through Powerstock nature reserve along the trailway which leads to Powerstock and beyond.  It is a lovely walk, quite varied and includes the old bridges along the route.  There was plenty of butterflies and dragonflies out along this route.  The butterflies - Peacock, Red Admiral, Silverwashed Fritillary, Large White, Green-veined White, Gatekeeper, Tortoiseshell.  The dragonflies - Golden-ringed,  Migrant Hawker (male & female) Common Darter (male & female)  The wildflower, Hemp-agrimony at this time of year is a valuable source of food for the butterflies.  Powerstock is a lovely village, we stopped at the Three Horseshoe Inn for tea and coffee and then took a look at the Church.

 Peacock, not seen many of these this summer

Red Admiral, quite a few of these today

Silver-washed Fritillary, starting to look a little worn now

Gatekeeper, quite a lot of these today

View from the trailway

One of the bridges crossing over the trailway


St Mary's church, Powerstock

One of the windows in St Mary's