Saturday, 20 August 2016

Meadows at Edmondsham

 Continuing on my theme of amazing meadows here in the South, there is one that we have been visiting each year for over twenty years, the meadow at Edmondsham which runs alongside of the woodland where we see the bluebells in the spring.   The meadow can vary depending on the weather, if the summer is a wet one, the grass is very dominant, the wildflowers prefer a nice dry summer as we all do.  These pictures I have taken over the years, I have put them order in which the wildflowers appear as the spring and summer progresses.

Common Spotted Orchids

Wild Carrot

The changing colour of this meadow, the first is the wildflower Betony making the meadow pink, the second is the Devil's-bit Scabious which appears after the Betony has finished and gone to seed, the meadow goes from pink to blue as you can see from these two pictures.

There is another field in Edmondsham which we walk through on our way back to the car, this field in early spring has dandelions which are increasing each year, then later the buttercups take over.  What I have noticed this year for the first time is a Common Spotted orchid, I hope this field will over time become more naturalised into a wildflower meadow.


Roy Norris said...

Lovely scenes Lyn.
Looks great for butterflies as well at the right time.

Richard Pegler said...

What a delightful place, Lin! Sadly, I rarely see large flower meadows in this neck of the woods, although some of the old quarries that I have visited this year have been delightful for wild flowers.

Linda Yarrow said...

Thankyou Roy and Richard.

David Gascoigne said...

I hope you keep bringing us these wonderful images of meadows filled with windflowers. They are truly delightful and somehow evoke memories of a time when the world was not so densely populated and there was space for these natural areas, birds nested in them, people rejoiced in them. I find these views quite cathartic in so many ways. Thanks for having the eye to capture them and to realize how absolutely worthwhile they are to share with others. Have a great weekend - among wildflowers in wild places, perhaps.

Linda Yarrow said...

Thankyou David :-)