Saturday, 13 August 2016

Amazing Meadows

 We have some amazing meadows here in the South, I have to say South as some are in Wiltshire, Martin Down nature reserve, the others are in Dorset.  I have to put this in two parts as I have so many pictures of these meadows and taken at different times of the year, early spring, mid summer and late summer.  

Knapweed with Wild Carrot (Martin Down)

 Knapweek with Field Scabious and Devil's-bit Scabious (Martin Down)

Oxeye Daisy with Sainfoin (Durlston Country Park)

Wild Carrot (Durlston Country Park)

Oxeye Daisy with Hawksbit (Durlston Country Park)

Hawksbit with Linseed (Durlston Country Park)

Common Spotted Orchid with Buttercup (Durlston Country Park)

Cowslip (Durlston Country Park)


Richard Pegler said...

These are absolutely gorgeous images, Lin. You are so lucky to have such wonderful places near you. I may be starting to get hooked on wild flowers as I've just bought a book on British orchids!!

Best wishes - - - Richard

Linda Yarrow said...

Thankyou Richard :-)

David Gascoigne said...

When you see the incredible beauty of all these wildflowers you almost wonder why people go to so much trouble cultivating imported exotics. These are really beautiful shots. The riot of colour is truly impressive.