Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hummingbird Hawk moth on Viper's Bugloss

This was taken at Dancing Ledge, there was three of the lovely moths. So far I have seen four Hummingbird Hawk moths this year:)


ShySongbird said...

Hi Linda, what little beauties they are and you did so well in photographing that one, they are so difficult! That sounds like I see them regularly but I don't, they are a rare find and always memorable. I have very occasionally seen them in the garden, delightful little creatures!

I just saw your Clouded Yellow post, how lovely! I have never seen one but have always wanted to. A super find and a lovely photo too.

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Very nice Linda, only seen a couple before.


Richard Pegler said...

Nice one Linda! Again, another species that I don't recall seeing here in the Midlands, but have seen in the West Country. Aren't they just mesmerising to watch!

Roy said...

Another species I have not seen in UK Lyn.
You have captured him in a lovely setting.

Linda Yarrow said...

Hi ShySongbird, Mike, Richard & Roy, thanks for your comments. It might be a good year for these moths, it is the most I have seen in one year.

Roy: I am having trouble leaving any comments on your blog:(