Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Sad News about this Sparrowhawk

Very sad news of this sparrowhawk, we were pruning our jasmine today and my partner, Malcolm, said there is a dead sparrowhawk by the cherry tree, sadly it appears this sparrowhawk may have not been very successful in catching enough birds, because when I picked her up, I felt her breastbone and there was no meat, I could feel the breastbone and her ribs.  Sadly this poor bird was probably getting weaker when I took this picture, it would explain why she did not fly off when she saw us taking pictures of her.   I know we don't like sparrowhawks visiting our gardens but I did feel very sad when I picked her up, it shows that life can be tough for these birds.


holdingmoments said...

A very sad end for such a magnificent bird.

Richard Pegler said...

Such a sad thing to have happen in your garden, Lin. As you say, it almost certainly explains why she did not fly away when you were photographing her earlier. To me this would be more upsetting the the demise, for example, of a Collared Dove, or Sparrow.

My best wishes - - - Richard