Thursday, 11 June 2015

Swimming Pool Turned Pond

We went to Mappperton House and Gardens yesterday, a lovely place to visit.   Their swimming pool is fascinating, it has not been used as a swimming pool for many years and as you may guess, wildlife has taken over, there were hundreds of tadpoles in the pool, also there was newts.  Many people ask the staff of Mapperton 'how do the frogs get out of the pool'  They do somehow, even we have wondered how they manage to get out. 

A few tadpoles, some are starting to sprout legs.  You can see my reflection, my hand and the ring of my camera taking this picture :-)

They do have a pond as well as the swimming pool, this contains gold fish, no tadpoles.

This picture was taken in July 2012, the reason why I added this picture to my blog is that Mapperton House was one of the location for the recent film 'Far From The Madding Crowd' This area of the ground was turned into a farmyard in the film:           

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Roy Norris said...

I have never visited there yet Lyn.
Thats a catchy title of a film. Wonder where they got that from.{:))
Seriously, I wonder how the film will compare to the original.
Not up to Julie Christie standards though is she.{:))