Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Old Beech Tree

We went to Hilfield Friary for their National Garden Scheme open day.  On our way to the friary we found Hilfield nature reserve run by the Dorset County Council.  Dorset Wildlife Trust also has a nature reserve in the same area, Hendover Coppice which many years ago was used by the monks for quite contemplation.  Both reserves are close to the Friary.  Found this lovely old beech tree, I think it may have been coppiced many years ago and it had grown several new stems and over the years the stems have got bigger, thicker until they merge together to form this wonderful tree. 

This snail was in the Secret Garden

A representation of Christ on the Cross in the Secret Garden at Hilfield Friary


Roy Norris said...

I'm amazed you found Hilfield Lyn, its not easy. My mother was born in Hilfield, I wonder if you found the little church up the road. My Grandparents were married there. My great uncle's name (Elsworth) is on a plaque one of the ward dead WW1.
Its real darkest Dorset around there.{:))

Richard Pegler said...

That beech tree must be really old, Linda. It sounds as if you had a very relaxing and enjoyable day.

Best wishes - - - Richard

Linda Yarrow said...

Hi Roy, I did see not the church in Hilfield. The only church in this area I know of is in Minterne Magna. The road to the friary was very narrow with steep banks on each side. It is a very rural area, miles from any civilization.

Linda Yarrow said...

Hi Richard, It was a very relaxing day :-)

David Gascoigne said...

Wow, what a venerable old tree. It puts you in awe of nature, doesn't it?

Linda Yarrow said...

Thankyou David