Monday, 4 August 2014

Remembering My Great Grandfather

Today I remember my Great Grandfather, Walter Dolman, who was killed in France during WW1 on the 22nd October 1914 age 28.  He was married with three daughters, the youngest was my Gran.  His name is on Le Touret memorial which commemorates over 13,400 British soldiers.


Richard Pegler said...

A very poignant post, particularly with that well-chosen image, Linda.

It's with thanks to your Great Grandfather, and the many thousands of young men like him who gave their lives in that terrible conflict, that we are able to enjoy the life that we do today.

Let us hope that this world never sees times like that again, although my faith in humanity is fading fast!

Roy Norris said...

Hi Lyn, check this link.

Fortunately for me, my Father served in the Royal Field Artillery during the whole of WW1 in France and Belgium and survived. Sadly, far too many didn't and they were the cream of out country at that time.

Linda Yarrow said...

Thankyou Richard and Roy. I have seen the site 'Poole at War' and found Walter Dolman. He had a brother, Ernest Dolman, who died from his wounds 17th June 1919 age 25. He is buried in Poole Cemetery.