Monday, 28 April 2014

The Bluebell Season

The Bluebell season is upon us, this was taken at our regular haunt at Edmondsham.  I have been thinking of giving up on blogging but I have changed my mind, I will continue with my blog.  I post my pictures onto Flickr from which I post onto Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  I use to be able to post from Flickr to Blogger but something has changed I can no longer do that.  I will use Picasa Web Albums to post my pictures onto my blog.  It does seem a shame to stop blogging, I have been doing it for a few years now and I also want to keep in contact with my blogging friends :-)


holdingmoments said...

A beautiful site Linda.

I don't seem to blog much these days; I never seem to have enough time lol

Richard Pegler said...

What a wonderful scene, Linda. Beautifully captured!

So pleased to see you back on Bloogger.

Gerry Snape said...

I thought too that I might give up as I post every day on twitter, pinterest, gmail, flickr et al!!! but I'm drawn back by faithfull readers and so decided to post now and again....Lovely bluebells!!!

Roy Norris said...

Hi Lyn,
lovely bluebells which I think are about 4 weeks early this year.
Blogging does take over your life if your not careful. It can be difficult to find enough to post sometimes, although the area you live in has plenty to see and photograph.
We intend to move back to Dorset one day and I will then have a new lease of life 'Blogging wise' that is.{:))
I would like to reduce my posting to one decent image of something as and when I find it, but with the spring coming on its difficult to keep it to a minimum.
Best regards Roy.

Linda Yarrow said...

Thankyou Keith, Richard, Gerry & Roy.