Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Marsh Fritillary

Powerstock nature reserve is brilliant in its variety of habitats and wildlife.  Today we took a trip to Powerstock nature reserve to hunt for the Marsh Fritillary butterfly and we found them.  They are smaller than I expected.  When I have seen pictures of them, they are usually close up pictures so the size of the butterfly (and other creatures) can be deceptive, larger than what they actually are.  But although the butterfly is small, it is a beautiful butterfly and Powerstock is one of its stronghold.  Dorset Wildlife Trust has been working hard on this reserve to provide the right conditions for this butterfly to thrive.

Marsh Fritillary (2)

Marsh Fritillary (3)

Marsh Fritillary (5)


Gerry Snape said...

Don't you just love butterflies!

Richard Pegler said...

Absolutely wonderful, Linda. Superb images! It's years since I've seen a Marsh Fritillary.

Anonymous said...

Great photos Lyn (You lucky person) {:)

Mike's Nature Blog said...

Lovely pictures, particularly of butterflies!

I edit a free magazine called Nature Matters. Usually, I source all photography from my own or my brothers stock. However, I am trying to source a couple of good natural (Ie wild birds) shots of a Little Owl to accompany a research article.

I cannot offer money as the magazine is 100% free but I can offer a credit and a thank you!


ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos, Linda and such a pretty butterfly. So many of the butterflies that I have only previously seen in photos turn out to be much smaller than I expected when I do actually see them :)