Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Fossils and Lizards

Fossils and lizards seem to go together.  We had a great day out today, beautiful sunshine and no wind.  We drove to Worth Matravers in the Purbecks and then walked from there to Hedbury Quarry.  Our main reason for going to this quarry was to see the Wall lizards and we were not disappointed, they were everywhere in this quarry, I had a brilliant time photographing these little lizards.  We appear to have four species of lizards in the UK:

Common lizard
Sand lizard
Wall lizard
Western Green lizard (a new lizard found on the cliff tops of Boscombe and Southbourne)

Most people know about the Common lizard, some may know about the Sand lizard, but I wonder how many people know about the Wall lizard (I certainly did not know about them until very recently)  The Western Green lizard is a recent discovery, so I expect vertually no one has heard of these.  I have found a useful website about British reptiles:


Wall lizard, I am not sure about who is male and who is female.  The only difference seems to be is that the males are slightly larger than the females.
Wall Lizard

Wall Lizard (13)

This one was watching me while I was watching him
Wall Lizard (21)

This lizard came towards me, maybe he thought he could shoo me off :)
Wall Lizard (8)

Difficult to say if these are two males
Wall Lizard (4)

This was a surprise, a Common lizard, in the same location
Common Lizard (2)

Ammonite Fossil

Ammonite Fosils


Anonymous said...

Really good images Lyn, I'll bet he was watching you.

holdingmoments said...

Excellent shots Linda. I've never seen these before; little beauties.

Linda Yarrow said...

Thanks Roy, it was great watching him and I was close enough to him to be able to see that he was giving me the eye:)

Thanks Keith, it was incredibly easy to get these pictures. The male Wall lizards are territorial and it was not difficult to find them, just go to each pile of rocks and stones and you will find a lizard. I think people do get these confused with the Sand lizard.