Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Wonderful Discovery

 Made a wonderful discovery two days ago, I HAVE BLACKBIRDS NESTING IN MY GARDEN!   It is the first time that Blackbirds have nested in my garden.  I have been gardening now for twenty years and I always have wildlife in mind so to have Blackbirds choosing to nest in my garden is an achievement.   There is a clematis, Montana, growing up the side of the shed with the Ivy, both I planted over ten years ago and now they provide a perfect place for the Blackbird to build a nest. 

My list of young birds in my garden this Spring so far: Sparrow, Dunnock, Blackbird, Wood Pigeon, Siskin(lots of these)

   View of the Ivy which covers the thick stems of the clematis, the hole is where the nest is
   You can just see two beaks of the young, there are three in the nest