Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Difference in the Timing of the Bluebells

 It is true that the Bluebells are earlier this year, same woodlands, the first picture taken today, the second was taken 16th May 2013.  In the second picture as you can see the trees are in leaf whereas today they are not, and also in the second picture the ferns are appearing.  I think this year by the 16th May the Bluebells will have gone to seed.

 Because the trees have not come into leaf yet the colour of the bluebells really shone in the sunlight.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Cows, Spiders and Butterflies day today :-)

 We went to Durlston Country Park today, beautiful sunny day and it is now the beginning of the wildflower meadow season, the Cowslips and Early Spider orchids first on the scene.  

 Can you spot the butterfly?

There was a few of these Speckled Wood butterflies today, I think they must have been the males because they appear to be fighting with each other.

 Early Spider Orchid


A meadow full of Cowslip, the beginning of the wildflower meadow season

Common Dog-violet

Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Bluebell Season

The Bluebell season is now upon us, this was taken at one of our haunts, the woodlands in Edmondsham. 

Cyclamen, this I don't think is actually a wild native plant even though it is growing wild near the bluebell woods in Edmondsham.  I have been informed on Flickr that this is Cyclamen repandum, not a native plant but has naturalised, not as common as the Cyclamen hederifolium which flowers in the Autumn.