Monday, 10 November 2014

Back to Colour

Trust me, this picture is in colour.  I found this one when I was searching through all my pictures trying to decide which ones would look good in black and white.  Look hard enough you can see a bit of colour in it :-)
Avocet at a lagoon at Teeside Nature Reserve

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Going Back in Time. Day 5 and Final Day of my B/W Photographs Challenge.

Day 5 and final day of my B/W photographs.  This picture was taken at Norden.  I thought I would use this picture, going back to the time of steam trains and black & white photography.   This picture was taken in 2012 but there is nothing in it to indicate which decade it was taken.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Queen Victoria Memorial - Charity. Day 4 of my B/W photographs

This is one side of the Queen Victoria memorial which faces Buckingham Palace.  It is a memorial which we are familiar with but never look close enough to understand what the memorial is about.  This side of the memorial is Charity, representing the otherside of Queen Victoria, not only she was a queen but a mother also.  One of the meanings of the word Charity in old English is 'love of humankind' in the Christian context. The figure of the queen is on the otherside.  On the left and right side of the mother and her children are angels, one representing Truth, the other Justice. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

St Brandon's Church, Brancepeth, County Durham. Day 3 of my B/W photographs

This church was gutted by fire sixteen years ago and it has been beautifully restored.  This is one of the windows, I darkened the picture because of the light and pattern of the window.   When I was looking around the graveyard of this church I found a grave of  a young woman who died in childbirth, very sad: 
                                            To The Memory Of Mary Gatiss
                                Wife Of Luke Gatiss Of Brancepeth Colliery
                                 Who Died On The 14 Sep 1855 In Childbed
                                          Five Hours After Been Delivered
                                                   Of A Still Born Child
                                                         Aged 23 Years
                                     Rest Happy Mary With Thy Infant Dear
                                            For Hard Thy Sufferings Were
                                    The Child Thou Left Thou Loved Sincere
                                               Shall Be Her Fathers Care

Mary and Luke had a daughter baptised a year previous, so this appears to be her second child.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Black & White

This is away from my usual posts but my uncle, Terry Yarrow, has set a challenge of posting black and white pictures for five days via flickr & FB, he has nominated me so I have looked through my pictures to pick the ones I think will look good in B/W.  I had fun doing this and I have picked five that I have changed from colour to black and white. 
This is the Angel of the North, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.  I have copped this picture as well as changing it to black and white.   This is my second B/W picture which I posted on flickr & FB today.
 This is my first B/W picture which I posted yesterday on flickr & FB.  This is Whitby Abbey, also cropped and changed from colour to black and white.  

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sunny Posts

Lovely sunny day today, we went to Studland beach for a walk.  We saw a Painted Lady butterfly, could not get a picture of it, I think it was probably in a hurry to move on to warmer climes.  This Common Darter was very obliging, I was able to take close up pictures of it at different angles while he was sunning himself on the post.